How long would you last in a job where you were never thanked for your work?

While I don’t think many of us do our job just to be thanked, it certainly makes it a more enjoyable experience when our hard work and sacrifice is noticed and appreciated.

This makes mothers a very unique category of people. They go through nine months of sickness and pain (or years of working through adoption processes if that’s how they become mums), endure months of little to no sleep, have a screaming child dictate their world for an uncertain amount of time, and generally do it without being thanked for their efforts. And by the time kids are old enough to express thankfulness, they often view their mothers as annoying or overprotective (gotta love those teenage years). That sounds like a rough gig to me.

While I have yet to meet a mother who is doing it for the appreciation and thanks, I have also not met one who doesn’t deserve it. But how many mums get thanked for all they do?

How can you say thanks to your mum this Mother’s Day? Love can be given and received in many different ways. What would your mum appreciate?

Maybe a thoughtful card filled with things she’s done for you, or ways she’s supported and cared for you? Perhaps you could write a lovely memory of the two of you growing up, or something valuable that she taught you.

It could be that the mum in your life hasn’t always been your mum, or doesn’t go by ‘mum’. Why not tell her all the ways she has been like a mum to you?

You could even include a voucher for a massage, or offer to take her out for brunch. Or maybe promise your mum that you’ll stop arguing with your siblings to give her some peace and quiet!

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the mum in your life. We hope that our range of cards will help you share your appreciation of that wonderful category of people we call ‘mothers’.