Noteworthy Cards is five years old today! We’re celebrating our birthday by doing one of our favourite things – giving away our money!
This birthday donation of $1,725 is our largest one yet, and it takes our total donations past the $10,000 milestone!
In five years this little social enterprise has sold 9,211 environmentally-friendly greeting cards and funded $10,055 worth of poverty-fighting gifts through Tearfund Australia. These gifts are supporting community, education, food and livelihoods, good health, safe water and sanitation in multiple countries around the world.
As I reflect on the past five years I am so thankful for every person who has chosen to buy greeting cards from Noteworthy Cards. The fight against poverty is a team effort, so THANK YOU to everyone who has opened their wallet in the last five years and purchased our poverty-fighting greeting cards.
I must also thank the multiple volunteers who’ve given their time and skills to help grow Noteworthy Cards in various ways. Since we launched in 2018 I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with many generous creatives to launch new ranges of greeting cards. I’m super grateful for everyone’s contributions.
I’m excited that Noteworthy Cards has been able to donate more than $10,000 after five years, but I dare to dream of a time in the future when we’re able to donate $10,000 every year.
I hope you can help make that dream a reality by continuing to buy your greeting cards from Noteworthy Cards and encouraging your family, friends and colleagues to get their greeting cards from us too.
Let’s continue making a difference in the world!
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